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Our Dental Services

Our Dental Services

Dr. Watson’s Dental Office is a full service dental office located in Dearborn Michigan. Starting with your kids, we help treat and educate your kids while they are young. So it only makes sense to start dental treatment while they are young. Check with Dr. Watson to see when your child needs to make their first office visit.

Having your teeth cleaned is important for your overall oral hygiene. Our Hygienists provide the best dental care including x-rays to help ensure your teeth are as healthy as they can be.

Keeping your teeth nice and bright can sometimes take more than brushing and flossing. If you think your teeth can be even whiter, you may want to consider having your teeth whitened. If you are thinking of having your teeth whitened, consult with Dr. Watson and he will determine the best course of action.

Our dental restoration treatment provides the opportunity to restore function and integrity of the tooth once a cavity has occurred. Restoration focuses on the preservation and restoration of decayed, defective missing or traumatized teeth. Depending on the application, we can use a variety of treatments to help restore your teeth including; crowns, bridges, root canals and composite restorations. In some cases an extraction is needed to alleviate the pain of a decaying tooth. This is just one of the reasons we recommend regular checkups every 6 months.

Dr. Watson’s also offers emergency dental care in case your issue cannot be resolved during business hours.

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