What is Secretly Bad for Your Teeth (Part 1)!

Eating dried fruit may be good when it comes to getting nutritional value, however when eaten the dried pieces of fruit are tough and may become lodged between your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth quickly to remove them this places natural sugars in tight, tough to reach places which will produce cavity causing bacteria. So it is recommended that if you must eat dried fruit try to at least floss afterwards in order to remove the chance of cavities forming in the hard to reach places between your teeth. Specifically, while we all may have heard that sugar is bad for our teeth, everyone may not know why. While there are many things that can potentially cause problems for your teeth one of the largest perpetrators is plaque. Plaque is a bacteria that feeds off of sugar that we add through the body by our normal pattern of eating and drinking. Plaque sticks to your teeth and generates acids that can eat through the outer covering of your teeth which called enamel. While we do have the natural defense of saliva to help remove plaque, most of our diets contain so much sugar and plaque generates so rapidly that we must constantly be vigilant in our efforts to brush and floss our teeth at least twice a day. One of the key times to brush your teeth is right before bed. This is the case because right before you go to bed your mouth could still be hiding small pieces of food containing sugars that as you sleep is the perfect breeding ground for plaque. You have to think of it as normally as you sleep your mouth remains closed so it becomes a warm, humid environment in which a bacteria can thrive. By removing the sources of sugar it will minimize the source of food for the bacteria so there is less chance of growth. So, ensure proper brushing to remove excess food such as dried fruit to eliminate a food source of bacteria that will grow on your teeth.

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