What is Secretly Bad for Your Teeth (part 7)!

On some level we may agree that drinking alcohol isn’t exactly healthy, especially to excess. What we may not realize is that when you drink, you dry out your mouth which is harmful to your mouth as well. A mouth that has been dried out can lack saliva, which is needed to keep our teeth healthy. Saliva is our body’s way to naturally prevent food from sticking to your teeth and aids in washing away food particles. It even aid in the repair of early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral infections. At this point you may also realize that you use a mouthwash that contains alcohol and wonder why if it is bad for your teeth because it can dry out your mouth, why does it contain alcohol? To this point you need to know that some mouthwashes use alcohol in them because it helps remove bacteria that can cause bad breath, help stop plaque from forming, and help remove food particles. So this means there are some benefits to using an mouthwash with alcohol, but if you use an alcohol based mouthwash please follow the instructions and use it as directed in order to minimize the amount of helpful saliva that is removed. Also to help keep your mouth hydrated, drink plenty of water and use fluoride rinses and other oral hydration solutions.

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