What is Secretly Bad for Your Teeth (Part 5)!

Ok, I know everyone may be aware that the sugar in soda can erode enamel. However, some people may believe that clear sodas like Sprite, 7UP, and ginger ale are not as damaging as darker soft drinks. However, clear sodas can be just as damaging as darker soft drinks as they contain more citric and ascorbic acids. Acids are added to sodas in order to provide a tartness, but in general erode enamel and over time and can cause severe tooth decay. Human teeth are not capable of handling prolonged exposure to acids. It has been shown that teeth soaked in clear colas lost more of their weight than teeth soaked in brown sodas soaked for the same amount of time. Another study also looked at root beer which was not found to be an issue, because it’s not carbonated and doesn’t contain phosphoric or citric acid.

Citric acid study performed by Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.

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